• Josh Hughes


An absolute rammer from the north


released 11/03/2022

Transport yourselves back to the late 90s, because that's where Polybius have placed themselves with absolute rammer and second single 'Freefalling'. With the help of Loic Galliard's impeccable production skills at Motor Museum, the Liverpool quartet have brought one of their live staples to life. A bit more upbeat and a lot shorter than previous effort 'Who Watches the Watchmen?', it's got that boatload of pep and bite that bands like Foo Fighters and Feeder commandeered back in their heyday. From the get go, it's an infectious tune; Dylan Manners-Lolley powers through the verses like a Britrock legend as Dom Ward lays down a punchy beat and the guitars and bass, from Luís Borrões and Mike Egan respectively, begin their ascent towards one of the best choruses I've heard so far this year. It almost has a power pop/pop punk feel to it, but lacks the cheesiness of those genres and instead goes full force in the fun department. It's just simply killer, and the solo at the end from Borrões is a gorgeous cherry on top to what is already one of our favourite tunes this year. If you want to hear more from the Polybius lads, check out the interview we did with them below!

FFO: Foo Fighters, Feeder, Green Day

Rating: 9/10

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