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REVIEW: Chicksters, Edge Hill

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Smithdown Road represent

I'm eagerly waiting to be able to travel further for some wings this year, but on this trip, I've decided to stay very local and check out Chicksters!

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Smithdown Road is an institution, a haven for all university students. The Montague-Capulet standoff of Aldi and Asda next to the cemetery, the various small shops, and the castle at the end of Ullet Road known as The Brookhouse; it all screams joy. However, if you travel past the graveyard and towards the incredibly diverse food choices of Lodge Lane, you'll come across Chicksters on your journeys. Has the long stretch of Smithdown taken it out of you? Then let's venture inside and see what these wings are saying!


I think this is the first time I've been slightly hesitant to do a review, since I know Chicksters quite well with it being on my doorstep, and I know the wings can be better than this. We've got another hot shelf batch here (see: Hot 'N' Tender) but it shows you what difference it can make based on the chicken itself. I'd be the first to say that if I'm scranning some wings, I would like to think the chickens providing them lived a good life, but the bones show a rough life, something of a struggled existence. Other than that, the wings were fine, but they were yelling for some chips and a piece of chicken or two. They are definitely more suited as an accompaniment to a meal or a bucket rather than being the main star of the show, as they don't provide too much in the way of sustenance. Arguably, wings have always been considered a side dish, but they shouldn't be this null and void. The hot shelf treatment doesn't help them, as they came off slightly slimy under surprisingly crisp skin, though it was hit or miss. Spicewise, there was decent heat, but it felt thin and didn't last too long, which was a shame because I bust out the garlic mayo in anticipation of their usual roulette-style Scoville spectrum of wings.


Here at Chicksters, it's 6 wings for £2.99, which ain't a bad deal and should be the standard price for a half dozen wings. However, I do implore that you go for the value box (£5.29/6.29) or the mini feast (£6.89) so you can enjoy their chicken and chips as a main with a handful of wings on the side.


Chicksters' staff are boss, always attentive as soon as you walk into the shop and very concise with orders. However, the gaff could do with a sweep and a regular clean, as it has seen better days. You can sit in along the sides of the shop, but with home being so close by, I just took them back.


Chicksters sadly didn't deliver their usual quality on this trip, so I vow to return at a later date and do them justice in a redux review later in the year. Saying that, their chips are the best you can get on Smithdown, so forgive the wings and get straight into a meal.

Rating: 5/10

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