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REVIEW: Andy's Fish & Chips, Aigburth

Updated: May 10, 2021

A lark about on Lark Lane

You wanted it, and it's here! Wing reviews are back, and this time they're gonna be weekly every Wednesday, but since I went away for a bit without a follow-up to the first edition, here's a special quick one for your Sunday evening.

If you have any suggestions of places I should check out, wherever you are in the world, simply send them over to @thecactusparadox on Instagram or email us!


Lark Lane is one of my favourite places for both food and drink. It's busting to the brim with top cuisine, grandiose bevs and general good times. There's also a scattering of takeaways, one of them being today's focus, Andy's Fish & Chips. I've ordered from here before for delivery, but had never ventured in until now, so let's see what they're saying.


Damn, these were some good wings. I was slightly sceptical when I heard a microwave humming, but it was simply a defrost before the wings got a deep-fried bath. These fellas were crunchy in the best possible way. Every bite was either crisp or succulent, no in-between, and that's how we like our wings in this house. The only thing they were lacking in was some decent scoville units, even though they were a fiery golden-orange colour. Aside from salt sprinkled on top, there was only a mild hint of seasoning in the breading, which was a shame for such delicious wings, though for a place specialising in fish and chips and Chinese food primarily, they still hit the spot alongside a lovely cup of Rekorderlig.


Similar to other places, Andy's Fish and Chips offer their wings at a price of £3 for 5, although you can only get them solo as the shop is, well, a fish and chip shop. For freshly cooked wings like these though, some of them being quite sizeable, you can't sniff at a price like that.


There's no sit-in option here, but the staff were absolutely delightful to talk to as I waited for food, which isn't a given at every place I've visited as a wing-eating fella. There was a friendly atmosphere which felt super welcoming and everything was presented as standard in a chippy.


Andy's Fish & Chips delivered a smashingly succulent quintet of wings that were only sadly lacking in heat, but made up for it with lovely service, crispy freshness and great value for money. Get your orders in.

Rating: 7.8/10

See you on Wednesday!

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