• Josh Hughes


Elliot Minor - Jessica

Repossession Records

released 06/08/07

7” picture disc (only variant)

Hello. It's been a while (again). I thought I'd come back to regular posting the only way I know how: a look at a slightly obscure artist that I deeply love. I'll be doing singles like this from time to time, as my record collection grows and the Discogs randomiser picks out stuff some people may remember or may have tucked away in their minds. This time, it's York rockers Elliot Minor.

A breakthrough smash for the band, this ode to actor Jessica Alba hit #1 on the UK Indie Charts and even reached #19 on the UK Official Charts, their second highest mainstream charting success behind "Still Figuring Out". Produced by Jim Wirt (Hoobastank, Incubus, Alien Ant Farm), it's a straight slice of symphonic pop rock imbued with hints of guitar heroism influenced by the likes of Queen and Muse, bordering on guilty pleasure but still holding itself up as a great rock tune. It's raised up by the fact the quintet are all classically trained musicians, bringing an extra dimension to the mix with strings and Ali Paul's keys glistening across the song, and Ed Minton's harmonies intertwine perfectly with lead singer Alex Davies' lower tones throughout. Sure, the lyrics are a little bit on the dorky side (the band wrote it after watching a bunch of Alba flicks and professed that "she's hot) but there's some great instrumental talent here for a pop rock single and those two solos are killer. On the B-side, it arguably gets better. "Forgetting You", along with a string of other Elliot Minor B-sides, is brilliant and could have easily taken weaker spaces on their self-titled debut from 2008. A faster, punchier cut, it flirts more with pop punk tones and themes, but still has the band's signature touch of great harmonies and orchestration to lift it up.

This pressing sounds good for a picture disc and is high quality with some top mixing and mastering, but the best part is obviously the band cosplaying as Sin City citizens, complete with appropriate typography.

FFO: Busted, Go:Audio, Madina Lake

Rating: 7.7/10

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